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Past Presidents of the
Western Risk and Insurance Association

University affiliation during term as WRIA President

2019 President: Martin Halek, University of Calgary
2018 President: Jacqueline Volkman Wise, Temple University
2017 President: Charles Nyce, Florida State University
2016 President: William L. Ferguson, University of Louisiana, Lafayette
2015 President: Thomas Berry-Stoelzle, University of Iowa
2014 President: Peggy Hedges, University of Calgary
2013 President: Karen Epermanis, Appalachian State University
2012 President: Brenda Wells, East Carolina University
2011 President: Paul Thistle, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
2010 President: Ryan B. Lee, University of Calgary
2009 President: L. Lee Colquitt, Auburn University
2008 President: David Russell, California State Northridge
2007 President: Patty Born, California State Northridge
2006 President: Randy E. Dumm , Florida State University
2005 President: William R. Feldhaus, Georgia State University
2004 President: Anne Kleffner, University of Calgary
2003 President: Gene Lai, Washington State University
2002 President: William L. Ferguson, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2001 President: Beverly J. Frickel, University of Nebraska at Kearney
2000 President: James M. Carson, Illinois State University
1999 President: Mark S. Dorfman, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
1998 President: William J. Warfel, Indiana State University
1997 President: Michael J. McNamara, University of Memphis
1996 President: Donald W. Hardigree, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
1995 President: Hamdi Bilici, California State University, Long Beach
1994 President: Barry B. Schweig, Creighton University
1993 President: Robert A. Hershbarger, Mississippi State University
1992 President: Milton E. Smith, Brigham Young University
1991 President: Sandra G. Gustavson, University of Georgia
1990 President: Jerry L. Jorgensen, University of Utah
1989 President: Iskandar S. Hamwi, University of Southern Mississippi
1988 President: Patricia A. Strong, California State University, Sacramento
1987 President: Mark L. Cross, University of North Texas
1986 President: Kenneth L. Pacholke, California State University, Sacramento
1985 President: August Ralston, Iowa State University
1984 President: John H. Thornton, University of North Texas
1983 President: Norma L. Nielson, University of Southern California
1982 President: Jerry D. Todd, St. Mary's University, San Antonio
1981 President: Frank W. Taylor, California State University, Sacramento
1980 President: Fikry S. Gahin, University of Utah
1979 President: Thomas W. Spear, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1977-1978 President: Thomas L. Heflin, California State University, Sacramento
1976 President: Lester I. Tenney, Arizona State University
1975 President: Oscar N. Serbein, Stanford University
1974 President: Lester B. Strickler, Oregon State University
1972-1973 President: J. Howard Widdowson, Portland State University
1971 President: Jonas E. Mittleman, San Francisco State University
1970 President: Joseph J. Launie, California State University, Northridge
1969 President: Alfred E. Hofflander, University of California, Los Angeles
1968 President: Nester R. Roos, University of Arizona
1967 President: Oscar N. Serbein, Stanford University
1966 President: Robert C. Goshay, University of California, Berkeley
1965 President: Irving Pfeffer, University of California, Los Angeles