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WRIA 1999 Annual Meeting Program

The members of WRIA thank the sponsors of the 1999 WRIA Meeting.

WRIA Annual Meeting
Monte Carlo Hotel Phone: (702) 730-7777
Las Vegas, NV Group code: XWESRIS
January 2-5, 1999 Group rate: $70 per night (Jan. 2-5)

Saturday, January 2
Check in at hotel
WRIA Registration from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Cocktail Party from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Sunday, January 3
WRIA Registration (continued from 9:10-10:50)

Session A - Links with Industry and Risk Management Issues
Moderator: Anne Kleffner, University of Calgary

  1. Nancy Bell, "How Should Business Schools do Business in the 21st Century?"
    James Carson, Randy Dumm, and George Krempley,
  2. "Recovery on the Total Loss: An Analysis of the Automobile Salvage Process."
    James Kallman,
  3. "Loss Control Decision Modeling."
    William Warfel and Mary Ann Boose, "Creating Linkages with the Insurance Industry."

9:10-9:30 Coffeee Break

Workshop Session: Paramount Issues for Insurance and Risk Mgt. Course
Lisa Gardner, Workshop Leader, Overview to Kick Off Topic
Round-Table Discussions and Summary of Discussions

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

Session B - Legal Issues in Insurance
Moderator: Jerry Todd, St. Mary's University

  1. Bob Works, "Insurance Policy Conditions Turned Upside Down: The View From Down Under."
  2. Patricia Cheshier, "Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Behavior: A Contrast of Risk Exposures in Different Types of Industry Environments."
  3. Sigmund Horvitz and Louis Stern, "Reasonable Economic Probability: A Test and a Case Study."
  4. Iskandar Hamwi and Durwood Ruegger, "The Proportionality Rule."
    End of Sessions for Today

12:15-1:45 WRIA Board Meeting

Monday, January 4
Session C - Insurance Economics, Finance, and Evolution
Moderator: Bruce Palmer, Georgia State University

  1. George Rejda, Joseph Haley, and Hak Bong Soo, "An Index of Economic Insecurity."
  2. George Flanigan, "CGL Coverage Over Four Decades."
  3. Steven Pottier and David Sommer, "Insurer Financial Strength Ratings: Determinants and Differences Across Agencies."
  4. Billie Ann Brotman, "Examining the Existence of the Underwriting Cycle in Managed-Care Organizations."

9:10-9:30 Coffee Break


Session D - International and Market Issues in Insurance
Moderator: Nancy Bell, Washington State University

  1. Mark Dorfman and Karl Ennsfellner, "The Coming of Private Insurance to Former Communist Countries: The Case of Slovenia."
  2. Weili Lu, "Pension System Crisis in China."
  3. Gene Lai, Hung-Gay fung, and Wai K. Leung, "Stock Returns and Past Peformance: Evidence from the Insurance Market."
  4. Peter Ellis, "A Comparison of Annual Premium Patterns for U.S. and Australian Property-Casualty Insurers."

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

Session E - Insurance Economics and Finance
Moderator: Mark Forster, MDF Insurance Services

  1. Richard D. MacMinn, "Liability Rules and Corporate Risk Management."
  2. L. Lee Colquitt, Norman Godwin, and David Sommer, "Determinants of Cash Holdings by Insurers."
  3. Yoram Eden, Eliakim Katz, and Jacob Rosenberg, "Loading Factors and Equilibria in Insurance Markets."
  4. David Russell, "Analogs Between Gaming Companies and Insurance Companies."

12:30 WRIA-Sponsored Luncheon
Blackstone's Room

Business Meeting

End of Sessions for Today

Tuesday, January 5
Session F - Life and Health Insurance Issues
Moderator: Joseph Launie, California State University, Northridge

  1. Patricia Born, Nancy Bell, and Joseph Fields, "Consumer Bill of Rights for HMO's."
  2. James Carson and Mark Forster, "The Replicability of Life Insurance Options Via "BTID."
  3. Ryan Lee and Steven Pottier, "An Empirical Investigation of Consolidation in the Life Insurance Industry."
  4. Mark Power, Richard Carter, and Michelle Morin, "An Analysis of the Conversion to Managed Care."

9:25-9:45 Coffee Break

Session G - Market Issues in Insurance
Moderator: Mark Dorfman, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  1. Beverly Frickel and William Ferguson, "Sustainability of Excess Profit Levels: The Case of the Insurance Industry."
  2. David Marlett, "The Expansion of the Public Sector's Involvement in Florida's Residential Property Insurance Market."
  3. Mike McNamara and Phillip Kolbe, "A Comparison of U.S. and Admitted Canadian Life Insurance Companies."
  4. Bruce Evans, "Reinsurance Fundamentals With Specific Inquiry into the Arbitration Process."

11:00 Meeting Concluded