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Submission Guidelines for Authors (2011)
  1. Authors should submit manuscripts as either a separate Word of WordPerfect (preferred submission formats) file attachment to email directly to the Managing Editor at barresej@stjohns.edu.

  2. The first page should include the title of the manuscript, author contact information (including email addresses), and author biographies (not to exceed 50 words for each author).

  3. The second page of the manuscript should include the title, abstract, and three key words--e.g., cycles, reinsurance,  regulation.  No author information should appear on this page.

  4. The Journal requires a $50 submission fee (check payable to WRIA); this fee is waived for WRIA members.  To become a WRIA member, click here.

  5. Footnotes are preferred and should appear in numerical (not alphabetical) order on the same page of text as referenced.  If endnotes are used, they should be sequenced in numerical order (not alphabetical) in the text and appear on a separate endnote page at the end of the manuscript. .

  6. The reference style of the Journal is an alphabetical, unnumbered list at the end of the manuscript. For example:

    Barnea, A, RA Haugen, and LW Senbet (1985) Agency Problems and Financial Contracting, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

    Miller, M (1977) Debt and Taxes, Journal of Finance 32 #2 (May):  261-278.

    Wakefield, LM (1981) The Real Function of Bond Rating Agencies, Chase Financial Quarterly 1: 18-26; as reprinted in Smith, CW (1989) Modern Theory of Corporate Finance (2nd): 410-415, New York: McGraw-Hill.

  7. In the text, a reference should show an author’s last name followed by the year of publication in parentheses.  For example: … (Miller, 1997; Wen and Born, 2005; Liebenberg et al., 2008).   For direct quotes, a page number is added to the reference.  For example: Hoyt (1989: 23).
  1. Each manuscript should end with a non-technical summary of the main conclusions of the paper.

  2. Papers should be formatted in the style of JII articles.  See, for example, Liebenberg, et al. (2008).

  3. All tables, graphs, charts, formulas and equations should be placed in the body of the manuscript.

  4. The editor of the Journal of Insurance Issues is:
    James Barrese, Managing Editor
    The Journal of Insurance Issues
    St. John's University
    c/o 12 Whitney Road
    Short Hills, NJ 07078-3407 USA